About us

For over ten years Artley has advised new and established collectors on artwork acquisitions and the development of thoughtfully curated collections. We partner with the most renowned and influential galleries, artists, and specialists around the world to provide differentiated and bespoke advice on building and managing art collections.

We specialize in the procurement of the most historically significant and groundbreaking international Modern and Contemporary art. Our understanding of the market is the product of continual research and contact with a close professional network, honed by regular visits to artists’ studios, international exhibitions, leading art fairs and biennales.

Artley’s advisory services are designed for the engaged art collector seeking access to a curated selection of works corresponding to their individual interests and collecting objectives. Artley’s exclusive platform provides a complete user-friendly cataloging system designed to maintain detailed records of our clients’ collections. Artley also offers fair-market value and insurance appraisals, restoration advice and transportation services worldwide.